Guatemala Wedding

I had the absolute honor of traveling to Guatemala to document Jason and Rachael’s week long wedding celebration. It’s so interesting being a wedding photographer brought in to this tight family/friend dynamic, hired to document this intimate event. Being tossed into decades of history between them and and their loved ones, and to witness how amazing it is to simply bring together the people you love in one place.  That place happened to be Guatemala. A place incredibly special to Rachael and Jason. We spent our first few days in the city of Antigua as guests started to trickle in, so we made the most of it; a portrait session at sunrise to capture the calm beauty of the empty streets.

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  • Daniel Lopez Perez - This is amazing guys! Congratulations to you and to Phil, this is one of the best sessions I have seen in Antigua.ReplyCancel

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Instagram Couple


A couple brought together through Instagram. I find it so interesting how unpredictable the universe is. We try and map out our lives, plan our every step and  every decision. But we’re constantly surprised with the beautiful randomness that makes our life so damn interesting. Bethany and Cory met through a mutual friend on Instagram four years ago. And they’ve come to realize there’s no one else in this world that can make each other happier. They found their true best friend.

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Instagram Couple
Instagram Couple 01
Portland Engagement Photos
Instagram Couple
Cute Couple Engagement Photos
Cute Couple Engagement Photos
Portland Wedding Photographer 01
cute couple walks through field
cute couple standing in oregon field
Bethany and Cory Engagement Photos
Bethany Marie standing in field
Cute couple walking through washington desert
Couple stands overlooking hood river
free people inspired engagement photos
couple kissing in rain
mountain engagement photos
free people engagement
rad couple engagement photos
girl touching fiances face
True love
Instagram Couple
Instagram Couple
Hood River Engagement Photos
Free people inspiration
Portland Engagement Photos
Bethany Marie in Washington
Instagram Couple
Cute couple holding each other

Bethany’s wardrobe provided by Free People

Mt Hood Engagement Photos


I feel like a broken record each time I write a blog post but it seems the more I photograph couples, the more understand what it means to be connected. It’s a new perspective every time. In what to look for in love, in humans, in true connections. Little lessons. It’s fucking inspiring. Seeing two people who are so in tune to each other. Watching two people in that moment, forgetting the world around them because literally nothing else matters than that connection. Merging that connection between them and the beauty of nature seems to create something that just tugs at my heart. Jane and Kellen knew they wanted to document their love in two different locations that really spoke to them. Mt Hood and then the high Oregon Desert. It was a super long day but completely worth every mile of it.




Mountain Engagement Photos 01
Couple looking down engagement photos
couple holding each other on mt hood
Couple running up mountain
Mt Hood Engagement Photos 1
Oregon Desert Engagement Photos
Pendleton Blanket Engagement
Oregon Desert Engagement Session
Pendleton Blanket Engagement Portland
Portland Wedding Photographer
Couple overlooks mt hood from the desert at sunset
Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer
Oregon Desert Engagement Photos
Mt Hood Engagement Photos 20
Portland Wedding Photographer 03
Mt Hood Engagement Photos 21
Portland Wedding
Mt Hood Engagement Photos 23
Mt Hood Engagement Photos 22
Mt Hood Engagement Photos 25

Portland Engagement Photos

The Gorge. One of the most beautiful stretches of land in the Pacific Northwest. Especially in the dead of “winter.” The calmness of the misty air, the slow rolling fog, the gradient fade of light on the mountainous shoulders surrounding us. It’s a place to get away, to stop your ever racing mind from the day to day. It’s in our own backyard, and a perfect place to celebrate love. The goal of these sessions is to step out of your daily grind and spend a couple hours focusing on each other. It’s an amazing feat to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And we aim to capture all those reasons why you’ve chosen the other. Janette and Jeff recently moved to Portland and knew they wanted their engagement photos to capture the essence of their new home.


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Washington Columbia River
Oregon Engagement Photos
Portland Engagement Photos 2
Portland Engagement Photos 3
Columbia River Gorge Engagement
Columbia River Gorge Engagement 2
Man walking dog on Columbia Gorge
Man walks dog in foggy portland
Train tracks around the columbia river gorge
Washington Engagement Photos
Couple stands on bridge in washington
Couple laughing together on steel bridge
Portland couple running on steel bridge
Couples stands in foggy field
Loving couple playing in foggy field
Cute couple walking through beautiful washington field
cute couple watching clouds roll through field
Oregon Mountains Engagement
Washington Engagement Session
Hipster couple laughing together in Oregon mountains
Portland Engagement Photos 1
Hipster couple at Columbia Gorge
Cute couple sits near columbia river
Columbia Gorge Engagement

This past year my best friends and I got together to host our first photography workshop at the Sou’Wester Lodge. With a little nervousness surrounded by a sea of love for what we do, we came together along with 8 wonderful attendees on the Washington Coast to share our stories and techniques. The crew consists of myself, Ryan Muirhead and Sara Byrne and Dylan Howell. Below are some images from my live shoot portion of the Trailer Park workshop. My wonderful friends Kate and Ryan were gracious enough to come fall in love in front of my camera. The response from our first workshop was wonderful and we’ve decided to keep this going. We’re hosting our second workshop next month in Maui and will be hosting another in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio on April 6+7. For more information on these workshops please check out our site for the deets and sign up information.


Wedding Photography Workshop
Wedding Photography Workshop 2
Wedding Photography Workshop 3
Wedding Photography Workshop 4
Photography Workshop 6
Photo Coterie
Photo Coterie Workshop
Kate+Ryan Wormshromp 10
Photo Coterie Workshop 3
Photo Coterie Workshop 5