Wythe Hotel Wedding


You might remember these two from their Manhattan Engagement Photos I shot this past winter. They’re kind of awesome. Jessalyn and Rob decided on the rad Wythe Hotel for their NYC wedding. Perfectly nestled in Williamsburg, it was definitely one of the hipper hotels I’d ever been to.


Wythe Hotel Wedding
Wythe Hotel Wedding 2
Wythe Hotel Wedding 3
Wythe Hotel Wedding 4
Wythe Hotel Wedding 6
Wythe Hotel Wedding 7
Wythe Hotel Wedding 8
Wythe Hotel Wedding 9
Wythe Hotel Wedding 10
Wythe Hotel Wedding 11
Wythe Hotel Wedding 12
Wythe Hotel Wedding 13
Brooklyn Wedding Photographer
Wythe Hotel Wedding 17
Wythe Hotel Wedding 19
Wythe Hotel Wedding 20
Wythe Hotel Wedding
Wythe Hotel Wedding 40
Wythe Hotel Wedding 39
Wythe Hotel Wedding 26
Wythe Hotel Wedding 28
Wythe Hotel Wedding 38
Wythe Hotel Wedding 37
Wythe Hotel Wedding 32
Wythe Hotel Wedding 41
Wythe Hotel Wedding 47
Wythe Hotel Wedding 55
Wythe Hotel Wedding 58
Wythe Hotel Wedding 64
Wythe Hotel Wedding 71
Wythe Hotel Wedding 82
Wythe Hotel Wedding 83
Wythe Hotel Wedding 87
Wythe Hotel Wedding 89
Wythe Hotel Wedding 93
Wythe Hotel Wedding 94
Wythe Hotel Wedding 100
Wythe Hotel Wedding 105
Wythe Hotel Wedding 106
Wythe Hotel Wedding 107
Wythe Hotel Wedding 108
Wythe Hotel Wedding 115
Wythe Hotel Wedding 117
Wythe Hotel Wedding 124
Wythe Hotel Wedding 125
Wythe Hotel Wedding 126
Wythe Hotel Wedding 132
Wythe Hotel Wedding 133
Wythe Hotel Wedding 136
Wythe Hotel Wedding 138
Wythe Hotel Wedding 140
Wythe Hotel Wedding 148
Wythe Hotel Wedding 151
Wythe Hotel Wedding 159
Wythe Hotel Wedding 160
Wythe Hotel Wedding 163
Wythe Hotel Wedding 166
Wythe Hotel Wedding 118
Wythe Hotel Wedding 119
Wythe Hotel Wedding 177
Wythe Hotel Wedding 181
Wythe Hotel Wedding 182
Wythe Hotel Wedding 185
Wythe Hotel Wedding 190
Wythe Hotel Wedding 191
Wythe Hotel Wedding 195
Wythe Hotel Wedding 206
Wythe Hotel Wedding 199
Wythe Hotel Wedding 201
Wythe Hotel Wedding 204
Wythe Hotel Wedding 187
Wythe Hotel Wedding 210
Wythe Hotel Wedding 213
Wythe Hotel Wedding 218
Wythe Hotel Wedding 220
Wythe Hotel Wedding 222
Wythe Hotel Wedding 225
Wythe Hotel Wedding 227
Wythe Hotel Wedding 235
Wythe Hotel Wedding 236
Wythe Hotel Wedding 237
Wythe Hotel Wedding 238
Wythe Hotel Wedding 239
Wythe Hotel Wedding 244
Wythe Hotel Wedding 246
Wythe Hotel Wedding 252
Wythe Hotel Wedding 257
Wythe Hotel Wedding 277
Wythe Hotel Wedding 278
Wythe Hotel Wedding 279
Wythe Hotel Wedding 280
Wythe Hotel Wedding 281
Wythe Hotel Wedding 282


Venue: The Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NYC

Dress: Mori Lee

Bridesmaid Dress: BCBG Max Azria
Flowers: Hernandez Greene (Katrina Hernandez)
Food & Dessert: Reynard

Rustic Outdoor Wedding

It’s pretty wild that I ended up booking two weddings in Canada, both in the rockies, on back to back weekends, both weddings being amazing, and the couples didn’t know each other at all. Sarah and Leigh are such wonderful humans. Sarah is a photographer and Leigh is a designer. Cut those two traits loose at a teepee campground in the mountains and the result is the magic you see below. Teepee’s, a sweet little pug they named Tiesto, the best desert table I’ve ever seen, and the perfect integration of their personal tastes and their rustic outdoor wedding theme. I’ll never forget my first real Canadian experience over these two weeks, it definitely wont be the last. Sarah + Leigh.


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Rustic Outdoor Wedding
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-1
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-2
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-3
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-7
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-8
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-9
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-13
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-14
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-18
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-17
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-23
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-21
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-31
Portland Wedding Photographer
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-40
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-36
Portland Wedding Photographer
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-43
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-54
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-56
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-57
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-55
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-61
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-49
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-52
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-53
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-71
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-68
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-74
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-93
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-96
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-98
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-99
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-104
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-108
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-41
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-75
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-80
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-82
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-86
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-87
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-113
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-119
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-121
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-1-2
Rustic Outdoor Wedding-128

 Camping Wedding

When Kathy and Kevin asked me to document their mountain camping wedding in the Canadian Rockies, I knew I was in for a hell of a treat. From the minute I finished my skype meeting with them, I knew this wedding was going to be one of my favorites of 2014. A wedding set under a mountain in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Every inch of this place left me speechless. The guests and family were some of the kindest most warm hearted humans I’d ever met. I felt like I was photographing long lost friends from a past life. They didn’t skimp on pouring their personalities into their day either. Between their cute little camper, their thrifted/antiqued plate settings, and ending the night shot gunning beer, Kathy and Kevin did it right. It’s this kind of set up, the people, the vibe, the location, that keep me doing what I do. Thank you so much for bringing me into your lives you two.


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Mountain Camping Wedding-1
Mountain Camping Wedding 4
Mountain Camping Wedding 5
Mountain Camping Wedding 10
Mountain Camping Wedding 163
Mountain Camping Wedding 11

Mountain Camping Wedding 199
portland wedding photographer
Mountain Camping Wedding 23
Mountain Camping Wedding 24
Mountain Camping Wedding 25
Mountain Camping Wedding 27
Mountain Camping Wedding 28
Mountain Camping Wedding 29
Mountain Camping Wedding 30
Mountain Camping Wedding 33

Mountain Camping Wedding 204
Mountain Camping Wedding 39
Mountain Camping Wedding 210
Mountain Camping Wedding 211
Mountain Camping Wedding 221

Mountain Camping Wedding 214
Mountain Camping Wedding 212
Mountain Camping Wedding 74
Mountain Camping Wedding 75
Mountain Camping Wedding 85
Mountain Camping Wedding 213
portland wedding photographer
Mountain Camping Wedding 215
Mountain Camping Wedding 216
Mountain Camping Wedding 217
Mountain Camping Wedding 218
Mountain Camping Wedding 103
Mountain Camping Wedding 219
Mountain Camping Wedding 111
Mountain Camping Wedding 206
Mountain Camping Wedding 205
Mountain Camping Wedding 209
Mountain Camping Wedding 208
Mountain Camping Wedding 207
Mountain Camping Wedding 118
Mountain Camping Wedding 226
Mountain Camping Wedding 122
Mountain Camping Wedding 124
Mountain Camping Wedding 128
Mountain Camping Wedding 133
Mountain Camping Wedding 134
Mountain Camping Wedding 228
Mountain Camping Wedding 140
Mountain Camping Wedding 139
Mountain Camping Wedding 222
Mountain Camping Wedding 223
Mountain Camping Wedding 151

Mountain Camping Wedding 167
Mountain Camping Wedding 154
Mountain Camping Wedding 168
Mountain Camping Wedding 169
Mountain Camping Wedding 170
Mountain Camping Wedding 166

Mountain Camping Wedding 165
Mountain Camping Wedding 164
Mountain Camping Wedding 227
Mountain Camping Wedding 174
Mountain Camping Wedding 194
Mountain Camping Wedding 192
Mountain Camping Wedding 191
Mountain Camping Wedding 195
Mountain Camping Wedding 187
Mountain Camping Wedding 186
Mountain Camping Wedding 193

Venue: Mt. Robson Campground

Save The Dates: Designed by Kathy+Kevin

Invitations: Alexandra DesCotes

Brides Dress: Wtoo by Watters

Brides Shoes: Repetto

Brides Bolero: Migonne Handmade

Brides Reception Dress: Aritzia

Brides Poncho: Anthropologie

Grooms suit and groomsmen’s wardrobe: Zara


 Seattle Engagement Photographers

Sometimes couples leave it up to me to choose the locations for their portraits or engagement sessions. Which is awesome because I can custom tailor the awesome-ness to the couple. Other times my they know exactly what they want, and when Allison and Cody said, Phil, we’d freakin’ love to have our engagement photos taken up on Rattlesnake Ridge, I just smiled and said, done and done. I’m sure you’re familiar with this magical spot if you live in the Seattle area, as it’s one of the most popular hikes within a really short driving distance from the city. It’s home to one of the most epic view points in the PNW. We knew the spot would be extra crowded with people on a Sunday so we decided to rise before the sun and claim the lookout point as our own. Sometimes waking up at 5am for an engagement session has it’s perks. Allison and Cody….

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Seattle Engagement Photographers
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-2
Seattle Engagement Photographers 01
Seattle Engagement Photographers 02
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-13
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-31
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-33
Mountain Engagement Photos 02
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-34
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-36
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-37
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-38
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-39
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-41
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-43
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-19
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-48
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-45
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-46
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-47
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-52
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-53
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-54

 Portland Oregon Engagement Photographer

There’s something really magical about the gorge. It’s beauty is completely overwhelming. Maybe it’s because I’ve only lived here for 2 years but every hike, every trail, every view seems to take my breath away. Nico contacted me a few months ago to say he and his girlfriend were flying in from SLC to spend a few days in the PNW and how he was planning on asking her to marry him while hiking into the one of gorge’s waterfalls. I scouted out a slew of spots and found the perfect location. The day came. When I arrived I saw them getting out of their car and I tried to look like a standard 7am hiker minding my own business as I took off down the trail. We were the only people there that morning which made for an incredibly serene intimate experience. I walked quickly to my hiding spot and waited for Nico to lead his lady to the spot. It’s wild knowing what’s about to go down. Everything went perfect. She obvs said yes. I met up with them after giving them some time to soak up the moment, and we explored the magic land for some portraits. Enjoy.

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Portland-Proposal-Gorge 1
Portland Oregon Engagement Photographer
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 3
Portland Oregon Engagement Photographer 01
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 5
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 6
Portland Oregon Engagement Photographer 02
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 8
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 9
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 10
Portland Oregon Engagement Photographer 03
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 12
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 13
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 14
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 15
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 16
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 17
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 18
Portland Oregon Columbia Gorge Proposal 03
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 20
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 21
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 22
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 23
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 24
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 25
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 26
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 27
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 28
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 29
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 30
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 31
Portland-Proposal-Gorge 32

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