Portland Engagement Photos

The Gorge. One of the most beautiful stretches of land in the Pacific Northwest. Especially in the dead of “winter.” The calmness of the misty air, the slow rolling fog, the gradient fade of light on the mountainous shoulders surrounding us. It’s a place to get away, to stop your ever racing mind from the day to day. It’s in our own backyard, and a perfect place to celebrate love. The goal of these sessions is to step out of your daily grind and spend a couple hours focusing on each other. It’s an amazing feat to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And we aim to capture all those reasons why you’ve chosen the other. Janette and Jeff recently moved to Portland and knew they wanted their engagement photos to capture the essence of their new home.


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Washington Columbia River
Oregon Engagement Photos
Portland Engagement Photos 2
Portland Engagement Photos 3
Columbia River Gorge Engagement
Columbia River Gorge Engagement 2
Man walking dog on Columbia Gorge
Man walks dog in foggy portland
Train tracks around the columbia river gorge
Washington Engagement Photos
Couple stands on bridge in washington
Couple laughing together on steel bridge
Portland couple running on steel bridge
Couples stands in foggy field
Loving couple playing in foggy field
Cute couple walking through beautiful washington field
cute couple watching clouds roll through field
Oregon Mountains Engagement
Washington Engagement Session
Hipster couple laughing together in Oregon mountains
Portland Engagement Photos 1
Hipster couple at Columbia Gorge
Cute couple sits near columbia river
Columbia Gorge Engagement

This past year my best friends and I got together to host our first photography workshop at the Sou’Wester Lodge. With a little nervousness surrounded by a sea of love for what we do, we came together along with 8 wonderful attendees on the Washington Coast to share our stories and techniques. The crew consists of myself, Ryan Muirhead and Sara Byrne and Dylan Howell. Below are some images from my live shoot portion of the Trailer Park workshop. My wonderful friends Kate and Ryan were gracious enough to come fall in love in front of my camera. The response from our first workshop was wonderful and we’ve decided to keep this going. We’re hosting our second workshop next month in Maui and will be hosting another in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio on April 6+7. For more information on these workshops please check out our site for the deets and sign up information.


Wedding Photography Workshop
Wedding Photography Workshop 2
Wedding Photography Workshop 3
Wedding Photography Workshop 4
Photography Workshop 6
Photo Coterie
Photo Coterie Workshop
Kate+Ryan Wormshromp 10
Photo Coterie Workshop 3
Photo Coterie Workshop 5

A little over two years ago I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding on the west coast. You might remember these rockstars. It was that wedding that sparked my deep love for the pacific northwest and pushed me to impulsively move to Portland. Fast forward to a month ago when I got to revisit the Kelley Farm to shoot Adrie and Daniel’s sweet farm wedding. So inpired to be back at this venue shooting two humans who were head over heels for each other. The autumn light was perfect, the wind danced through the trees making the most wonderful background music, it was a good day. And a huge thanks to my friend Kristen for killing it along side me. Enjoy.


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Wedding Photos at the kelley farm
Wedding Photos at the kelley farm
Kelley Farm Barn Dress hanging
Phil Chester Photography
Washington Wedding Photographers 12
Washington Wedding Photographers 13
Brides wedding robe hanging up
Washington Wedding Photographers 16
Washington Wedding Photographers 23
Phil Chester Photography
Bride puts makeup on friend at wedding
Washington Wedding Photographers 30
Cat on bed during wedding
Bride getting into dress
Bride gets into wedding dress
Bride putting on her shoes
Washington Wedding Photographers 41
Bride reads letter from fiance
Washington Wedding Photographers 48
Bride getting ready
Washington Wedding Photographers 59
Bride walking to see groom for first time
Couple stands in pretty sunlight
Washington Wedding Photographers 76
Couple standing in front of beautiful gate at their wedding
Bride and groom hold each other after seeing each other for the first time
Couple embracing each other on wedding day
Cute couple sits on tree swing on wedding day
Couple embraces at their washington farm wedding
Washington Farm wedding
Washington Wedding Photographers 95
Washington Wedding Photographers 96
Flower girl twirling in dress
Flower girl with floral crown
Groom walking towards ceremony
Bride stands with dad waiting to walk down the isle
Bride walks down isle with father
Couple get married in seattle inside a cute barn
Wide shot of ceremony at kelley farm barn
Couple holds hands tightly during seattle farm barn ceremony
Barn wedding in seattle
Couple recite vows to each other
Bride puts ring on grooms hand during ceremony
pastor prays over couple during their wedding ceremony
Bride and groom walk down isle together after getting married
Washington Wedding Photographers 161
Washington Wedding Photographers 162
Seattle Wedding Photographers
portrait of awesome couple at their seattle farm wedding
Washington Wedding Photographers 170
Couple holding each other in the trees of washington
couple walks back to their reception
Washington Wedding Photographers 165
Washington farm wedding after dark
Newlyweds standing under light strands at night

Full Moon Resort

Holy crap these two. Holy crap. That’s what I kept saying to myself after our first Skype meeting. Christine and Rob are two of the most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know I had the sweet honor of heading up to the Catskill Mountains in New York to document their wedding. It couldn’t have been a more perfect fall day. The grounds were carpeted in fallen leaves, the crisp cool autumn air chilling your lungs with each inhale, the colored mountains surrounding us as if right out of a Bob Ross dream. Throw in two humans who are madly in love, have a ridiculously killer style, and know how to party. I’ll let the images speak for themselves. Their wedding was also featured on the wonderful Refinery 29 .


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Catskills Mountain Wedding
Bride getting ready at Fullmoon Resort in New York
Bride getting makeup done at catskills wedding
Bride putting on earrings at fullmoon resort
Bride putting on makeup at Fullmoon Resort in New York
New York Rustic Wedding
Bride in dress standing in leaves in upstate New York
Tattooed bride at Fullmoon Resort
Bride putting on floral crown
Groomsmen dressed at Fullmoon Resort in New York
Groom waiting for his bride
groom laughing with friends at wedding
dapper man playing guitar for his friends wedding ceremony
well tailored wedding officiant
wooden ceremony signs at mountain new york wedding
chalkboard seating chart at wedding
fall autumn wedding ceremony in new york
Bride walking down leaf covered path
Christine+Rob WEB-243
Photo of a well styled couple during their ceremony
couple laughing while they exchange vows during their ceremony
Cute couple exchanges vows at an autumn wedding
Photo of grooms boots during wedding ceremony
Black and white image of couple holding hands during their ceremony
Couple laughing during their autumn new york wedding
Beautiful tattooed bride looking into her grooms eye during their ceremony
autumn new york wedding ceremony
couple kisses during their autumn new york wedding
couple walks down isle after their beautiful fall ceremony
full moon resort
full moon resort
full moon resort
Christine+Rob WEB-431
full moon resort
Christine+Rob WEB-452
Christine+Rob WEB-453
Christine+Rob WEB-455
Christine+Rob WEB-469
Christine+Rob WEB-472
Christine+Rob WEB-476
Christine+Rob WEB-520
Christine+Rob WEB-524
Christine+Rob WEB-584
Christine+Rob WEB-602
Christine+Rob WEB-606

Wythe Hotel Wedding


You might remember these two from their Manhattan Engagement Photos I shot this past winter. They’re kind of awesome. Jessalyn and Rob decided on the rad Wythe Hotel for their NYC wedding. Perfectly nestled in Williamsburg, it was definitely one of the hipper hotels I’d ever been to.


Wythe Hotel Wedding
Wythe Hotel Wedding 2
Wythe Hotel Wedding 3
Wythe Hotel Wedding 4
Wythe Hotel Wedding 6
Wythe Hotel Wedding 7
Wythe Hotel Wedding 8
Wythe Hotel Wedding 9
Wythe Hotel Wedding 10
Wythe Hotel Wedding 11
Wythe Hotel Wedding 12
Wythe Hotel Wedding 13
Brooklyn Wedding Photographer
Wythe Hotel Wedding 17
Wythe Hotel Wedding 19
Wythe Hotel Wedding 20
Wythe Hotel Wedding
Wythe Hotel Wedding 40
Wythe Hotel Wedding 39
Wythe Hotel Wedding 26
Wythe Hotel Wedding 28
Wythe Hotel Wedding 38
Wythe Hotel Wedding 37
Wythe Hotel Wedding 32
Wythe Hotel Wedding 41
Wythe Hotel Wedding 47
Wythe Hotel Wedding 55
Wythe Hotel Wedding 58
Wythe Hotel Wedding 64
Wythe Hotel Wedding 71
Wythe Hotel Wedding 82
Wythe Hotel Wedding 83
Wythe Hotel Wedding 87
Wythe Hotel Wedding 89
Wythe Hotel Wedding 93
Wythe Hotel Wedding 94
Wythe Hotel Wedding 100
Wythe Hotel Wedding 105
Wythe Hotel Wedding 106
Wythe Hotel Wedding 107
Wythe Hotel Wedding 108
Wythe Hotel Wedding 115
Wythe Hotel Wedding 117
Wythe Hotel Wedding 124
Wythe Hotel Wedding 125
Wythe Hotel Wedding 126
Wythe Hotel Wedding 132
Wythe Hotel Wedding 133
Wythe Hotel Wedding 136
Wythe Hotel Wedding 138
Wythe Hotel Wedding 140
Wythe Hotel Wedding 148
Wythe Hotel Wedding 151
Wythe Hotel Wedding 159
Wythe Hotel Wedding 160
Wythe Hotel Wedding 163
Wythe Hotel Wedding 166
Wythe Hotel Wedding 118
Wythe Hotel Wedding 119
Wythe Hotel Wedding 177
Wythe Hotel Wedding 181
Wythe Hotel Wedding 182
Wythe Hotel Wedding 185
Wythe Hotel Wedding 190
Wythe Hotel Wedding 191
Wythe Hotel Wedding 195
Wythe Hotel Wedding 206
Wythe Hotel Wedding 199
Wythe Hotel Wedding 201
Wythe Hotel Wedding 204
Wythe Hotel Wedding 187
Wythe Hotel Wedding 210
Wythe Hotel Wedding 213
Wythe Hotel Wedding 218
Wythe Hotel Wedding 220
Wythe Hotel Wedding 222
Wythe Hotel Wedding 225
Wythe Hotel Wedding 227
Wythe Hotel Wedding 235
Wythe Hotel Wedding 236
Wythe Hotel Wedding 237
Wythe Hotel Wedding 238
Wythe Hotel Wedding 239
Wythe Hotel Wedding 244
Wythe Hotel Wedding 246
Wythe Hotel Wedding 252
Wythe Hotel Wedding 257
Wythe Hotel Wedding 277
Wythe Hotel Wedding 278
Wythe Hotel Wedding 279
Wythe Hotel Wedding 280
Wythe Hotel Wedding 281
Wythe Hotel Wedding 282


Venue: The Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NYC

Dress: Mori Lee

Bridesmaid Dress: BCBG Max Azria
Flowers: Hernandez Greene (Katrina Hernandez)
Food & Dessert: Reynard